2019 | Internship
During the summer of 2019 I worked as an intern at By Women Store in Malmö. The store is a small business created by Sanna-My Engen. The concept is a store where everything is designed and/or created by women thus promoting female/nonbinary owned businesses and artists. The store is built on feminist and eco-eco-concious ideals and sells things like jewellery, ceramics, artwork, clothing and much more. The task I took upon myself as an intern was to create the groundwork for the store's graphic profile. Other than the already existing logotype I hade very little to go on, therefore the profile grew from conversations with the store-owner as I tried to get a good picture of her wishes for the store's brand identity.
The Icons are created to resemble the style of the logo font. Consequently they are asymmetrical in nature. This also gives off a more homely and personal image which is preferred over the more corporate looking alternative.
A huge part of my work went into creating guidelines and templates for the store's instagram and educating Sanna-My on how to manage a professional-looking and balanced feed et cetera. 

Not long after my internship at By Women Store, Sanna-My would collaborate with another designer to design and code an official web-shop. So I never made a design for a website, instead I created a sketch for how the visual language of the profile could be used in the later creation of the web-shop. 

The profile includes:
Instagram templates & guidelines
Business cards
Website sketch